Our Mission & Vision

Our vision and mission is to help connect people to faith

For over 30 years, Faith has been a vibrant church family touching the lives of thousands through a wide variety of ministries and missions.

As a part of the United Methodist family of churches, we embrace with enthusiasm our denominational creed of “Open Hearts, Open Minds, Open Doors.”  All of God’s children are welcome to worship with us, study with us, and grow with us. Here at Faith it is our purpose and vision to make God’s love real.

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Beliefs We Share with All Christians

Many basic beliefs are shared by all Christians, and United Methodists are grateful for our connection to the wider Christian family.  To find out more: Our Christian Roots

Distinctive Emphases of the United Methodist Church

Each church has its own distinctive emphases, and that is certainly true for United Methodists.  Though we now have millions of members worldwide, we began as a small campus ministry at Oxford in the 1700’s under the leadership of John and Charles Wesley.  Throughout our history, we have emphasized the development of a strong spiritual life, which finds outward expression through hands-on service and social engagement.  To find out more: Our Wesleyan Heritage

How We Grow in Our Faith

We believe that all of us are on a journey.  All of us have opportunities to grow in our faith and understanding throughout life.  Careful reflection upon scripture, tradition, experience, and reason help us in this growth.  To find out more: Reflecting on our Faith

Loving God and Neighbor

At the most basic level, we believe that a vital Christian faith consists of loving God and loving our neighbor.  To find out more: Becoming Disciples

Social Principles & Social Creed

United Methodists have always placed a strong emphasis upon engaging the social issues of the day.  Our Social Principles and Social Creed reflect this emphasis.  To find out more: Social Principles & Social Creed